May 20, 2013

Although my healing will be a lengthy process, I’ve finally found a rehab centre having chiropractic, one-on-one physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, all under one roof at Koch & Associates Spine Centre.

As someone who suffers mental health issue, combined with various injuries it is necessary that my treatment not be just about the physical care.

After a couple of bumps in the road, which I was able to communicate, an ongoing changing program has been implemented as joint communication among staff take place; I feel comfortable, listened to and well taken care of.  From the front office to the billing to the support staff, this is a well-run, compassionate practice.  Dr. Koch in particular is very caring, and excellent listener and communicator. 

Assigning your medical benefits directly takes the financial hassle out of paying up front and waiting for your referral.  It also (controls) considers you’re coverage up front to how to best schedule your appointments and utilize your benefits to your maximum benefit. 

Having my appointments booked in advances at a consistent time is just another reassuring factor in how Koch Spine Centre handles their patients.  As an individual who has been in an on-again, off-again treatment for 25+ years, utilizing many professionals, its not just about the professional treatment but the caring atmosphere and, if the works cohesively.

My last thought would be that you yourself are equally responsible in how you are cared for, by being proactive, honest and communicative with all those you’re involved with (complacent or thinking you know best will not help)

T. Meyer