Low back pain and discomfort is extremely common during
                               pregnancy.  Studies have shown that anywhere from 50
                                 to 80% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain.
                               This number rises  with multiple pregnancies, as women
                            age, and if there has been a history of prior low back pain.
                         The severity of pain and disability experienced with pregnancy
                             can range but most women report moderate to severe low
                               back pain, particularly as the pregnancy progresses. 
                                 Many women seek alternatives to medical care in the
                                    form of massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic
                                      treatment to help manage their low back pain.
                                       Chiropractic care is a safe and extremely effective
                                      treatment in the care of pregnancy related low back pain.

                               WHAT CAUSES LOW BACK PAIN
                               DURING PREGNANCY?

                                        There are several causes attributed to why women
                                          experience low back pain during pregnancy but most
                                            commonly it is a combination of these factors that
                                              are to blame. The first and likely most significant are
                                               structural changes that occur in the spine and
                                              pelvis as the pregnancy progresses.  As the
                                           baby grows, the load distribution on the low back
                                     and pelvis changes leading to dysfunction in
                              these joints and surrounding tissues.  As the mother
                        gains weight throughout pregnancy, the stress
                    experienced at the sacroiliac joint of the pelvis increases
                    leading to pain and dysfunction.  Similarly, as the
                   fetus grows and projects forward, the curvature of the low back
                         changes to accommodate and leads to an increase in stress of
                             the joints and discs of the spine.  Both of these changes can
                              account for pain felt during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when weight gain and fetus size changes significantly.

Secondly, as a woman progresses through pregnancy several hormones are released into circulation to prepare and aid the body in the birthing process.  Specifically Relaxin, which is released in large amounts during the first and third trimesters, prepares the pelvis for birth by ‘relaxing’ the ligaments and joints to allow for the baby to proceed down the birth canal. This process decreases the stability and support of the sacroiliac and low back joints leading to pain, discomfort, and increased muscle tightness.


Chiropractic care during this time can help alleviate the stress and pain experienced due to these changes.  Studies have shown that approximately 80% of women seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy report pain relief and improvement.  Chiropractic care not only relieves pain, but several studies have shown that women who receive regular chiropractic treatments during pregnancy experience a 25% short labour time and a decrease risk of experiencing ‘back labour’ than those women who do not.  Regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy has also been shown to positively affect the labour and birthing process through a decrease in medical interventions, use of forceps, and cesarean sections.  Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is safe and effective.  Through chiropractic adjustments proper biomechanics and function of the low back and pelvis can be reached to allow a smooth and comfortable pregnancy and birthing process.

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