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Koch & Associates Spine Centre is a multidisciplinary health care facility located in Hamilton Ontario.

At the Koch & Associates Spine Centre we offer a range of services in addition or instead of Chiropractic care. An integrated program of treatment can be provided specific to your needs.

Here are some of the services offered by our Centre:

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Koch & Associates Spine Centre, in association with Psychology Health Solutions has launched the ABM Active Body Mind Chronic Pain Program.
The ABM program is provided by a team of professionals including chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical doctors, occupational therapists, massage therapists and psychologists.  By combining several disciplines we are able to deliver comprehensive care that targets the multiple needs of those with chronic pain. 
ABM sessions are planned to help patients recognize and deal with negative changes and emotions, improve relationships and become more effective at managing their pain. Group therapy is a combination of informal discussions about how lives have been affected by chronic pain and formal lectures on how to effectively deal with pain. Many people find talking with others whose lives and family have been negatively affected by chronic pain to be helpful – particularly when they also support making positive changes to lead a new life.

Clinicians have expertise in understanding the management of chronic pain.  Our program is designed to be cost effective and clinically effective.

Individuals that wish to participate in the ABM Pain Program should call
Koch & Associates Spine Centre at 905-544-5688 or by email at info@kochspinecentre.ca or
Sean Shahrokhnia of Psychology Health Solutions at 905-312-0233 or by email at info@psychealth.ca

 For more information about out chronic pain program, we refer you to the ABM Website. 

Chiropractic is a Health Profession regulated by the Government of Ontario that authorizes Chiropractors to diagnose and treats injuries, conditions and disorders of the spine and extremities.

Chiropractors Are Integral Members of Multidisciplinary Health Care Teams.

Chiropractors frequently collaborate with other health professionals such as physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists etc. in order to best meet our patients' rehabilitative or other health care needs. However, we always obtain your consent to do so.

“It is good to have a Chiropractor on your team..........We've got your back covered!”